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A Strange Group is a scoop in Dead Rising. It takes place in Colby's Movieland after midnight on the third day. It involves the True Eye Cult and its leader, Sean Keanan, who have captured several survivors and are preparing to sacrifice them.


Otis will call Frank at midnight informing him that there is something strange going on in the movie theater. The once zombie-filled theater is now quiet except for chanting in the background. Turn the first corner in the hallway and run into several Raincoat Cult members, blocking the hallway to theater 4.[1][2]

Upon entering Theater 4, Frank finds four people tied up as the cult leader, Sean Keanan, prepares a strange sacrificial ritual. As he notices Frank, he vows to slay him with a ceremonial sword.

Prestige points icon Prestige Points
Leave Colby's Movieland and return to Paradise Plaza. When Frank returns, Sean is praying below the mannequin with a Prestige Points icon over his head.[2][Verification needed]

After he was defeated, Sean knelt in front of the mannequin on the altar. He besought it to deliver him strength, but the mannequin toppled over and the sword impaled him through his right eye, killing him in a gruesome manner. Sean's death marked the final appearance of the True Eye cult, as the last of the cultists entered the room to avenge their leader. Frank later retrieved the Movieland warehouse key from his body.


Sean's ritual
Dead rising sean
{{#ev:youtube|Hh0FcruDZgY|300|right|Dead Rising - Cutscene 34 - Cult Leader}}
Sean stands in front of a sacrificial statue with his arms outstretched

Sean: Those who reject salvation embrace ignorance!

There are hostages tied to seats around the theater. Frank approaches Sean. Sean raises a sword up into the air and stands.
Sean: Now I shall return your tainted blood to the foul earth that hast spawned you![3]

Battling SeanEdit

Dead rising sean


The cult leader is difficult to defeat as he is very fast and his huge sword sends Frank flying to the ground and inflicts great bodily harm. If he knocks Frank down there is a chance that he may run over to Frank and hit Frank as he is trying to stand.
Sean's attacks

Sean's moves include:

  1. a standing sword slash or two,
  2. a sliding kick,
  3. a sliding sword thrust, and
  4. a jumping overhead slash.

Move to his sides as Sean performs a sliding kick, a sliding sword thrust, or a jumping overhead slash then quickly hit him with a melee weapon. He will usually stagger if Frank hits him right after each of these moves.[4]

Every so often, when Sean is hit, he buckles to his knees, giving Frank the perfect opportunity to inflict some serious damage.

Do not hit Sean after a standing sword slash or he will not stagger and will most likely hit Frank.

Be sure to stay away from the hostages, as Sean's attacks can sometimes accidentally hit the hostages.

Best position

The best position is to use the mannequin at the base of the theater screen as a barrier between Sean and Frank, making it more difficult for Sean to hit Frank with his sword. Hop up onto the small mannequin base and use a handgun or strong weapon.

Melee Weapons

The best weapon to kill Sean with is the small chainsaw. Another effective weapon is the Battle Axe or Katana. One guide recommends the Sledgehammer, another recommends lead pipes, hunting knives or cleavers.[5][6]

There are two Mannequins in Colby's Movieland Cinema 1. The Mannequin Torso is an effective weapon against Sean.

Frank can run between the seats to make Sean jump up and Frank can hit him as he lands.[4]


Any firearm use against Sean will be risky, as there are four hostages that Frank may wind up killing if he is not careful. Frank can hide behind the seat rows and shoot Sean with the shotgun or the Heavy Machinegun. But keep in mind that when Frank tries to shoot at Sean, he dodges the bullets nine times out of ten. If Frank tries to shoot Sean from outside the theater doors, Sean will hide.[7][5][6]


Sean occasionally performs a little sliding maneuver that knocks Frank off balance, which he will usually resort to if he notices Frank trying to eat food. To eat food, Frank will have to run away from Sean. Try jumping over theater seats to separate Frank from him and eat while he is trying to move around to get to Frank.[5][6]

If Frank needs more health leave theater 4. Sean will not follow Frank through the doors. Frank can go to theaters 2,3, or 5 and eat the food.[8] Sean will not bother the survivors if Frank leaves - he will stand to one side of the theater and chant.[2]

Sean's DeathEdit

When Sean is defeated, he stumbles over to the mannequin and collapses, causing it to teeter over and fall, with gruesome results.

When Sean dies, immediately run up and close the doors to the theater, locking out the Raincoat Cultists in the process. This will give Frank time to untie all the Survivors without the risk of injury to them or Frank.

Sean's death
Dead rising sean
Sean staggers then falls in front of the sacrificial statue

Sean: Give me strength... I beseech theeeeeeeeee!

The statue falls directly into Sean and the sword in the chest stabs right through the front of his face. Sean yells in pain and blood gushes from his face.[3]


Dead rising Ceremonial Sword

The Ceremonial Sword

When Sean dies, Frank receives three rewards:

  1. Movieland Warehouse Key, used to open the door to the left of the stage to free Cheryl Jones
  2. the strong Ceremonial Sword.
  3. Dead rising Brainwashing Tips Brainwashing Tips Book, this Book makes escorted survivors no longer fear death and readily jump into danger.[1]

Rescue the HostagesEdit

Prestige points icon Photo Op for Prestige Points
Killing the hostages
Although not recommended, Frank can kill any of the bound hostages or have Sean kill them. Take a picture as they die for some bonus prestige points.

Frank can now free the four hostages:

  1. Dead rising nathan Nathan Crabbe,
  2. Dead rising ray Ray Mathison,
  3. Dead rising beth Beth Shrake, the weakest of the survivors,[9][10] and
  4. Dead rising michelle Michelle Feltz.

In addition to these hostages, there is another survivor locked in the closet, Cheryl Jones. Cheryl can be freed upon Sean's death when Frank receives the Movieland Warehouse Key.

Defeating the Remaining CultistsEdit

Before opening the theater doors to fight the cultist, set a waypoint (Tright+Y) for the survivors in the bottom corner. This way there is less chance the survivors will be attacked.

Frank can grab the Propane Tank from the Movieland Warehouse where Cheryl was locked in. Set the tank next to the doorway. Open the door, run a safe distance away, and quickly target and shoot the tank.

The cultists can still gas Frank and kidnap him to the Cultist's Hideout. Since Frank will be in another area, this will probably result in the death of any freed survivors.

Take a picture of Sean's body for the Psycho Collector achievement.[5]

After the battle, give the survivors any extra weapons that Frank can spare. The zombies have also returned to Colby's Movieland. The cultists are now completely gone and will not return again.[7][10][11]

Dead Rising: Chop Till You DropEdit

In Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, when saving the survivors, Frank has to activate all of the hostages before he is allowed to leave Theater 4. Once he has found all five of them (four people tied up, Cheryl in the warehouse) Frank will say to himself "I cannot keep track of them all at once", he will then tell the girls to go into the theater closet with Cheryl as it is safe in there. Frank then must escort Ray and Nathan to the Security Room, before being able to escort the three remaining women.


Dead rising bug cheryl dead in movie warehouse
  • There is no prestige point photo available for Cheryl in this scoop.
  • This is the only scoop in which Frank can rescue 5 survivors from one single mission.[10]
  • If Frank abandons the hostages after killing Sean Keanan, and does not open the Movieland warehouse door, all of the hostages will die within 30 minutes, but Cheryl will remain in the Movieland warehouse (closet) for hours after.
  • The prerequisite for Otis calling about this scoop is the unannounced The Cult scoop. If Frank arrives at The Cult scoop after 12 am on the 3rd day, Otis will call immediately after The Cult cutscene about the A Strange Group scoop.
  • Because of a bug, Cheryl can be killed with one accidental hit from the cardboard box in the Movie Warehouse.
  • When Frank speaks to Cheryl to recruit her, he says something along the lines of "they're leader is dead", which is an error on the developers' part while writing the dialogue as the usage of "they're" is wrong.



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