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A Sick Man is a scoop in Dead Rising involving an injured survivor concerned about his wound.


Leroy McKenna has a neck injury in Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics in Wonderland Plaza. It is the first store on the right as Frank leaves the Food Court. Talk to Leroy and he will join Frank's party.[1]

Leroy attempts to hide the wound on his neck as he believes Frank will refuse to save him, leaving him behind. Despite the possibility that it could be a bite wound, Frank offers to bring Leroy to the Security Room.

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Although Leroy complains of an injury, he's perfectly capable of walking on his own, and can even use a weapon.[2][3]

Conversation with Leroy
Dead rising leroy
Frank: It's too dangerous to be out here.

Leroy: H-H-Hey! You startled me! D-D-Don't do th-th-th-that to me!

Frank: You look a little sick. You feelin' ok?

Leroy: I-I-I'm fine. Just a scratch. N-N-No problem.

Frank: You're hurt? Where? Show me!

Leroy: Don't w-w-worry about it. Everything's f-f-fine.

Frank: We better get you taken care of. Follow me. We can treat your wound.

Leroy: I-I-If you say so.[4]


  • Leroy will constantly scratch his neck frantically, similar to zombies.
  • The unannounced scoop The Woman Left Behind with elderly Susan on the soccer ball starts at the same time as A Sick Man and is very nearby. Use a Queen to kill the zombies surrounding the soccer ball. Escort Susan and Leroy back to the Security Room through the the Wonderland Plaza restroom secret shortcut.



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