Charlie is a CURE protester in Dead Rising 2. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.


As Chuck rests in the locker room after his TIR match, the newscaster mentions the CURE rally that took place earlier in the day at the Fortune City Arena. Charlie can be seen on the television protesting Terror is Reality along with Stacey Forsythe, McKenzie, and Andrea Brenser.

It is unknown whether this man survived the outbreak as he is not seen anywhere after his appearance on the television newscast.


  • His name is known from the game's files.
  • In data/models/npcs.big, Charlie (Protester)'s name has the term "prot" for protester in it, like all protesters seen in the video (except Stacey). His model file is called cine_protcharlie.
  • Five protesters are shown in the television newscast, McKenzie, Andy, Stacey, Camille and Charlie. Charlie and McKenzie are the only visible survivors who are not shown again later in the game.


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