Below is a list of weapons in Dead Rising 2: Case West and their locations. There is also a list of more traditional and lethal weapons, items which it is easy to see someone being killed with. Non-traditional weapons, a list of Vehicles and the combo weapons page.

Weapon LocationLastsDamage
Bone Saw
Location icon  Research Laboratory

Location icon Holding Pens

Box of Syringes
Dead rising Box of Syringes
Location icon  Zombrex Production Lab B
Canned Drinks
Dead rising Canned Drinks
Location icon  Case West only 12 cans 1 (est.)
Dead rising Chemicals
Location icon  Research Laboratory
Cinder Block
Dead rising Cinder Block
Location icon  Holding Pens 25 3
Dead rising Crate
5 2
Dead rising Defibrillator
Location icon  Uranus Zone, First Aid[1] 20 2
Flash Grenade
Dead rising Flash Grenade
10 0
Floor Buffer
Dead rising Floor Buffer
Location icon  Food Court in front of Cheesecake Mania 60 2
Hot Plate
Dead rising Hot Plate
Location icon  Zombrex Production Lab A
Human Heart
Dead rising Human Heart
Location icon  Research Laboratory - Zombrex Production Lab A
Human Liver
Dead rising Human Liver
Location icon  Research Laboratory - Livestock Dissection Lab
Impact Hammer
Dead rising Impact Hammer
Location icon  Living Quarters - On an awning above a room.

Location icon Corpses of deceased Hazard Units

IV Pole
Dead rising IV Pole
Lab Specimen
Dead rising Lab Specimen
Location icon  Research Laboratory
Lightning Gun
Dead rising Lightning Gun
30 shots[2] 4
Liquid Nitrogen
Dead rising Liquid Nitrogen
Location icon  Research Laboratory 15 1
Medical Cart
Dead rising Medical Cart
Medical Tray
Dead rising Medical Tray
Dead rising Microscope
Location icon  Living Quarters
Novelty Syringe
Dead rising Novelty Syringe
Location icon  Living Quarters
Office Chair
Dead rising chair security rm
Location icon  Research Laboratory

Location icon Zombrex Production Lab A

Organ Carrier
Dead rising Organ Carrier
Plastic Chair
Dead rising Plastic Chair
Pool Ball
Dead rising Pool Ball
Location icon  Case West:Recreation Room (3)

Location icon Off the Record: Palisades Mall (2)
Location icon Off the Record: Fortune Exterior (3)

5 1
Pool Cue
Dead rising Pool Cue
Location icon  Recreation Room (2)

Location icon Off the Record: Palisades Mall (4)
Location icon Off the Record: Fortune Exterior (2)

10 2
Riot Gear
Dead rising Riot Gear
Security AR
Dead rising Security AR
Dead rising Segway
Sickle (Case West)
Dead rising Sickle (Case West)
35 3
Stool (Case West)
Dead rising Stool (Case West)
Dead rising Stretcher
Surgical Saw
Dead rising Surgical Saw
Surgical Scissors
Dead rising Surgical Scissors
Location icon  Shipping Office
Syringe Gun
Dead rising Syringe Gun
Location icon  Research Laboratory


Weapons in both Case West and Dead Rising 2

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