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Case 8-1: Bad to Worse is a case in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. The case is very similar to Case 7-1: Bad to Worse in Dead Rising 2. It is a cutscene only.

After repairing the safehouse's door controls and stopping the invading zombies, Frank West runs across Tyrone King, who has somehow gotten free of his restraints and is under attack from a lone zombie straggler. Frank kills the zombie, but not before Tyrone is bitten. Knowing he will turn soon, Tyrone begs for a shot of Zombrex. After securing Tyrone once more, Frank reviews some of the footage that Rebecca Chang shot while down in the underground tunnels, where he notices that the gas is coming from the underground. Suspecting that this might be the source of the mutagen gas covering the city, Frank heads out to investigate.


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