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Case 6-1: The Getaway is a case in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is very similar to the Dead Rising 2 case Case 5-2: The Getaway.


Frank travels to the Fortune City Hotel roof to stop Tyrone King from escaping in a helicopter. There are 4 mercenaries in the hotel lobby, and an additional one when the elevator to the left opens up. Frank manages to attach a cable from a construction crane to the chopper's landing gear, preventing it from taking off, then brings it down by damaging its engine. Tyrone is knocked unconscious in the crash landing, and Frank takes him back to the emergency shelter, where Raymond Sullivan handcuffs him to a gurney so they can interrogate him when he wakes up.

Battling TK's helicopterEdit

See Case 5-2: The Getaway


Chopper showdown
Dead rising tk
[Frank presses the button on the elevator to head to the Fortune City Hotel Rooftop. Rebecca rushes through the door before it can close.]

Rebecca: Not without me, Frank. You won't scoop me this time.

[Frank and Rebecca arrive at their destination. Before the door opens...]

Frank: Rebecca, get down.

[The door opens. Frank rushes out with Rebecca carefully crouching behind him. TK and the mercenaries can be seen loading money into their getaway chopper.]

TK: Hey, whoa! Careful with the money, fool! We don't got much left!

Mercenary: Hey, look boss!

[They notice Frank at the elevator. Frank sarcastically salutes them as Rebecca films the confrontation.]

TK: Not possible! NOT gonna happen! We're taking off. NOW!

Frank: You're not going anywhere, TK! Get this on tape, Rebecca.

[Frank quickly attaches a cable from a construction crane to the chopper's landing gear, preventing it from taking off.]

TK: Kill that son of a bitch!

[Frank battles TK and his crew as Rebecca films it. Frank is successfully able to take down the chopper, preventing TK's escape.]

[The chopper flails around uncontrollably, causing TK to fall out and hit the ground hard.]

[The injured TK attempts to crawl away, but the chopper lands nearby and explodes, knocking him unconscious.]

[Frank, also caught off guard by the explosion, gets back to his feet as burning money rains from the sky. He grabs a $100 bill.]

Rebecca: Well, that was a hell of a show.

Frank: Guess ratings must have been down.

Rebecca: Is he alive?

Frank: He sure is. Don't worry. You'll get your interview. This bastard better not be heavy.

[Frank and Rebecca return to the Safe House with the unconscious TK.]

Sullivan: What's he doing here? Isn't he the host of that show?

Frank: TK paid some pathetic protester to start this whole thing. Ratings were down on his show. He needed the cash. Bastard.

Rebecca: We've got enough to run with the story.

Sullivan: Oh really? Well I'm still keeping an eye on your friend until the rescue. Just to make sure.

Rebecca: This story is going to be big. Huge. It's award material.

Frank: Oh yeah. We are going to be huge.

Sullivan: He's out cold? We oughta make sure he stays that way...

Frank: Don't hit him too hard, Sullivan.

Sullivan: Why? Capital punishment was made for a guy like this.

Frank: We need this guy to tell the world what he did. Don't give this slimeball the easy way out.

Sullivan: Fine. We'll do it your way.

[Sullivan tosses Frank a pair of handcuffs to prevent TK from escaping.]

Sullivan: I'll stand watch first. He's not going anywhere for a while.

Frank: Great. Listen, I'll be back for the rescue. I'm going to see if I can find a high vantage point. Get some pictures of the military rolling in.


  • The Dead Rising 2 to equivelent of this case is Case 5-2: The Getaway.
  • Survivors can be taken up to the roof with Frank though they will not be able to help Frank attack the helicopter. Leave them in a safe place (behind the vents near Rebecca is a good one) When the mission is completed, the survivors Frank brought will be sent to the safe house.


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