Case 5-1: The Source is a case in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.[1]


Frank West arrives at Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino to meet with Rebecca Chang and her source.

Despite being on time, Rebecca is absent. Frank calls out for her, but there is no response. Frank notices a walkie-talkie on a countertop overlooking the Americana Casino. The voice of a man (who is jokingly imitating a young woman's cries for help) can be heard blaring from it.

After cautiously looking around for anyone suspicious, Frank grabs the walkie-talkie to respond. It turns out to be Tyrone King, who is holding Rebecca Chang for a million dollar ransom. If Frank can successfully gather the money and meet at the Shoal Nightclub to hand it over by 7 o'clock, TK casually assures him that he might return Rebecca to Frank.

Frank warns TK not to touch her, but TK tells him that it's too late for that. TK hangs up, which leaves a stunned Frank wondering how he can gather so much money in such little time.

Reporter ransom
Dead rising tk
Frank: Hey, Rebecca? You in here?

Voice: Frankie, Frankie, please, help me, please!

TK: All right Frankie West. You been messing things up for me pretty good. Time for a little payback.

Frank: TK. Where the hell is she?

TK: You're gonna go get me that money you cost me with your little games, Frank. One million dollars. By seven o'clock.

Frank: How in the hell am I going to do that?

TK: It's Fortune City, Frank. The land of the riches. Get creative. Bring it to the Shoal Nightclub and we might just let you see your little girlfriend again.

Frank: Don't you touch her.

TK: Oh... Too late. See you then, Frankie.




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