The Blades is a magazine in Dead Rising 2, Case West and Off the Record. When carried in inventory, certain edged weapons last three times as long.


Dead Rising 2

The area with this magazines will remain closed off until Chuck reaches Case 6-1: Help Arrives. It is located in the tunnels beneath Palisades Mall, in the room with the crashed Humvee and the ramp that leads back up to the Silver Strip. In the south corner there is a series of three 4x4s in front of a stack of boxes. The magazine is on top of the boxes, next to a Servbot Mask.

Case West

In Case West the book is in the Storage Bay. While on top of the catwalks on top floor of the Storage Bay, climb on top of the metal crate closest to the west side railings of the catwalks. Leap and grab on top of the orange steel beam to the west. Run to the right along the steel beam then move to the left when up against the wall. This magazine will be in the far west corner of that steel beam. The magazine is hidden behind the orange steel beam on the west side.[1]

Off the Record

The magazine is found in the kiosk Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (R114) in the Royal Flush Plaza.[2]


  • The name of the magazine is Lone Blade.
  • The magazine is called "cKnowledgeItem Magazine_Item_Edged_Lone_Blade" in the items.txt PC game file.


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