The unnamed black-haired security guard is a victim in Dead Rising 2. He and another guard, Dale Kerpan, were killed to cover up the truth behind the Fortune City zombie outbreak.

Case 1-3: Insecurity Edit

In Case 1-3: Insecurity, after reaching the Fortune City Arena Security Area, Chuck Greene and Rebecca Chang find the door locked. Rebecca opens the door using a lock-pick and is shocked to find that everything in the room has been destroyed, and the two security guards have been murdered.

This guard and Dale were murdered sometime before the zombies broke out of their holding cells beneath the Arena as an attempt to cover up any tracks to trace who leaked the tapes showing "Chuck" releasing the zombies, causing an outbreak.


  • The identity of the guard is unknown. He was once thought to be either Oscar Dingman or Julius Reinke, but the game files reveal that it is seemingly a re-colored version of Dale Kerpan, the other security dead in the office.



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