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Apocalypse Frank is a costume exclusively for the Nintendo Wii Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. It is unlocked by killing 53,594 zombies, which is the population of Willamette. This is equivalent to the Zombie Genocider achievement in Dead Rising.

The costume is based on a 80's apocalypse bandit with a Mohawk.[1]


This can be done in any mode (easy, normal, or hard) and is easily obtainable in the Maintenance Tunnels, where Frank can pay to go down into the tunnels to kill zombies, with a select choice of weapons. The best to do this with is the car, and drive in a similar pattern to the Zombie Genocider in Dead Rising.


{{#ev:youtube|0U5zGXv8cUs|300|left|Guide for the Dead Rising Zombie Genocider, although the pattern in which he drives is the best way to drive to get this in both games}}


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