Template:Expand The 4x4 is transportation which can be used as a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Case West. They are orange and security carts scattered in the Underground Tunnels as well as in front of the Fortune City Hotel. These carts can kill around 60-70 zombies before breaking down, releasing a puff of smoke.

The yellow carts can hold 1 passenger along with the driver while the security carts with lights on the top has seats 2 seats in the back allowing a total of 3 passengers and the driver to use the cart.


Dead rising industrial cart main
Dead rising 4x4 security main


  • The official guide calls this vehicle "4x4".
  • The 4x4 has two names in the PC file, items.txt: IndustrialCart and SecurityCart. They are actually two distinct different vehicles, one is not a sub-vehicle of another. There is also the Postal Cart, another separate entry, which is only seen in Mail Order Zombrex, that although it cannot be driven in the game, it is set up to be driven in the PC files.
The only differences between the three vehicles[1]:
Security Industrial Postal
AssetFilename SecurityCart IndustrialCart PostalCart
Durability 200 200 150
EngineRpmDecreasePerTick 750 100
Gears_ReverseGearTopSpeed 20 20 N/A
InteractDistance 2 2 0
IsNotInteractable[2] N/A N/A true
MinYRotationRequiredToBeFlipped .7 .7 N/A
IsOpen true N/A N/A
NumberOfSeats 4 2 2
RestrictedByRegion N/A false N/A
TireSkidEnergyDecreasePerTick 300 750 750
  • There are only three security carts in the game, and they are all found in the Underground.

Locations in game filesEdit

Source: items.txt.



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  1. There are also differences between postal cart and two other carts in: PlayerInteractVisionAngle PropEffectLocator0 PropEffectLocator1, not listed here.
  2. This is probably the line which makes it so the player cannot use the postal cart
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