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Dead Rising
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The 2 x 4 (pronounced two-by-four) is a Dead Rising weapon. It is a large wooden plank, used for construction purposes. It is very effective against zombies, with a one hit kill, but it can only hit one zombie at a time.[1]

It is commonly found around the mall, especially at McHandy's Hardware in Al Fresca Plaza.

It is even more powerful when used in conjunction with the Engineering Book.



  • The 2" x 4" is the same as the Lead Pipe, except for the sound it makes when hitting something.
  • The board appears to be incorrectly labelled. The dimension of the height and width of the board are the same, most likely making it a 4" x 4"



  1. Dead Rising:Items Guide, GameFAQs, March 23, 2008. Incorrectly states: "one hit during the day time, and a two hit kill at night" Only one hit is needed, day or night.
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